I certainly understand why the number 666 may be bothering you. Your concern is even more understandable given the fact that so many people have tried to create connections between the mark of the beast and the social security system in the United States. However, you can rest assured because the 666 in your SS number is not tied to the prophecy given in Revelation 13; there are at least three scriptural arguments that bring us to that conclusion:

  1. The social security card is only issued to citizens of the United States. The mark of the beast, on the other hand, will be an international or transnational system (Rev. 13:16). In other words, the vast majority of the world’s population will participate in this program, not just US citizens.
  2. The fact that you had no choice in receiving a SS card with the number 666 is a huge factor. Revelation 13:15 tells us that one will have to worship or pledge allegiance to the antichrist in order to receive the mark of the beast.
  3. According to Revelation 13, the antichrist rules the world for the final 3 ½ year period. The mark of the beast will be introduced to the world after the antichrist ascends to power (Revelation 13:5-7, 15-18). So, your social security number (that was issued to you at a young age – in the PAST) cannot possibly be associated with the antichrist’s system because we have not entered that final 3 ½ period.

The Christians who live through the tribulation will experience perilous times. The antichrist will rule the world, and the mark of the beast system will cause billions of people to be eternally lost. Many have wondered how a Christian could possibly live through that time and not receive the mark. The answer is always found in Jesus. When Jesus was tempted to worship Satan –the very one who will be behind the temptation to worship the antichrist during the tribulation—Jesus responded by quoting a scripture found in the Old Testament: “thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve (Luke 4:8). We will never be negatively influenced by the one world government, worship the antichrist, or accept his mark if we will devote all of our service and worship to God.


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