The Call of Christ

Posted: March 28, 2014 in Reflections

The ministry of the man Christ Jesus was the single most important ministry ever fulfilled. The earthly ministry of Jesus was highlighted by miraculous instances of supernatural healing and deliverance, in addition to all of the events that led to His atoning death. These events were extremely important. However, one of the most critical aspects of Jesus’ ministry was calling and investing in average men, twelve common men who would later be used to ensure the propagation of the Gospel.

In the early part of His ministry, Jesus called twelve men to simply follow Him. In my opinion, the most interesting call to service came to a tax collector named Matthew. As Matthew sat at the receipt of custom, Jesus passed by and simply said two words, “…follow me…” (Matthew 4:19 KJV). The call of Matthew paints a beautiful picture of the summons of the many people who would come after him. The call to Matthew should resonate with us because it is the way in which each child of God has been invited into a relationship with Jesus.

The twelve that Jesus called were men who differed in everything from occupation to temperament. Concerning this subject, Herbert Lockyer states, “The twelve Christ chose…were twelve men, distinguished by marked degrees of difference and varieties of temper and disposition. They were not twelve copies, twelve imitative machines, twelve plaster figures taken out of the same mold. Not one of the group reminds us of another.” Most common people, like Matthew, were busy with everyday life or chasing after money or a life-long dream when the Lord asked them to follow Him. And such was the case with all the other eleven apostles who were chosen by Jesus.

The title apostle designates that one is a messenger who has been sent forth. The twelve apostles bore a title and operated in an office that by definition required action. This is exactly what Jesus had in mind when He called and in turn taught the twelve. Immediately after calling them, Jesus began to mold and shape His disciples into the men that He wanted them to become. It wasn’t enough for Jesus to simply ask twelve men to follow Him, He wanted them to think, act, walk, and talk as He did. This is simply because He was preparing ambassadors that would be sent into the world to preach the Gospel. According to David K. Bernard, this message is “is literally ‘the good news’ about salvation. It is not of man, but its source is God. The good news is that Jesus came to this world as God manifested in flesh, died for our sins, was buried, and rose again.” And as all true Bible students know, eleven of the original twelve would go on to found the church and help spread the Gospel message throughout the known world of their time.

Jesus continues to call and invest in disciples who will become Gospel messengers; this aspect of His ministry never ended. Although Jesus is no longer walking the earth in flesh, His earthly ministry still has a far reaching impact on the daily lives of millions. Much like the original disciples, the messengers who Jesus calls are normal people who are greatly used by God to deliver the good news that our savior lives.


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