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The Call of Christ

Posted: March 28, 2014 in Reflections

The ministry of the man Christ Jesus was the single most important ministry ever fulfilled. The earthly ministry of Jesus was highlighted by miraculous instances of supernatural healing and deliverance, in addition to all of the events that led to His atoning death. These events were extremely important. However, one of the most critical aspects of Jesus’ ministry was calling and investing in average men, twelve common men who would later be used to ensure the propagation of the Gospel.




I certainly understand why the number 666 may be bothering you. Your concern is even more understandable given the fact that so many people have tried to create connections between the mark of the beast and the social security system in the United States. However, you can rest assured because the 666 in your SS number is not tied to the prophecy given in Revelation 13; there are at least three scriptural arguments that bring us to that conclusion:



The United States is full of prophecy students who are full of ideas. A large number of the ideas floating around are centered on the United States: many in the U.S. look at the world through an America-centric lens, especially when it comes to prophecy. I believe that the same is true of those who are teaching that the United States is the third temple. There are a few important passages of scripture which I would suggest that one take into consideration before taking a stance on this issue.